Online Courses

The middle Road offers highly curated Online Courses across different themes that range from Finance & Economics, for example, Sustainable Finance to Impact Evaluation with a quantitative focus example Statistics. These courses are designed to share a perspective and develop expertise for a better understanding of economics and quantitative aspects of pedagogy pertaining to the social impact arena significantly the international development sector.

The courses are structured with real-world examples, to make the learning practical and applied to enable problem-solving and policy analysis skills. The Online Learning experience is designed for under and post-graduate students across selected disciplines and working professionals. Some of the courses are part of the subscription offer from The middle Road. These courses are curated to add and build on the digital publications, podcasts, and other trends emerging from the sustainable development world, finance, and economics. The courses have solved exercises to practice problems developed both in-house or from reference books. All Online Courses are developed by Nishant Malhotra, Solo Founder of The middle Road platform.

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