Fixed Income Securities Introduction

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Fixed Income Securities Introduction


The fixed income tutorials share an in-depth understanding of the fixed income sector. This tutorial starts with a brief overview of the bond market with major entities/actors within this segment. The first series would include various classifications within the global bond market, for example, sovereign, municipal, corporate and international bonds. This series is free, but registration on The middle Road is required. The educational video series would share the difference between secured and unsecured bonds, securitized and covered bond market, introduction to zero-coupon and convertible bonds, floating and sustainable bonds. There is a separate module on sustainable bonds on The middle Road that you must refer to understand Sustainable Finance better. The first two educational modules will share an excellent perspective on various bond markets terminologies, such as amortization, junk bonds’ meaning and rating types within corporate bonds, etc.

This series is essential to understand before a deep dive into the valuation of bonds. The first two modules are free with the subscription of The middle Road platform, including a quiz to build on the knowledge gained from the tutorials. Reference to important material is given so you can have more in-depth expertise on this subject. Do purchase the online course on this subject for a more in-depth understanding of the fixed income segment. The educational videos are part of the Global Debt Markets video posted under Online Courses on the previous The middle Road website.

Textbook Reference 

Bond Markets, Analysis and Strategies  By Frank J Fabozzi 

  • The module is designed to impart a basic understanding of debt/bond market

  • Get familiar with key actors within the global bond market

  • Understand terminologies used in bonds and selected classification of bonds

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