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Mass shooting…Lets end this madness

Another mass shooting in the US. It’s an endless news of killings and it’s very sad. I just read the news in the newspaper and heard about it in the morning. Eternal condolences towards the families of the victims. Its time people in the US regardless of their political or ideological views come together to end this madness. According to an article published in WSJ, AR-15 was used in the shooting. AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle and has been used in all the four deadliest mass killings in recent modern American history.  There will be no posts for a couple of days as a respect for the victims.

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Who is going to fund Infrastructure Bill ?

It seems the underlying idea of funding in the Infrastructure bill proposed by President Trump is based on Pareto Principle. The proposal caps funding by federal government to 20% and requires states, cities, and municipalities to fund the remaining 80%. In terms of business parlance, Pareto Principle implies that 80% of the business comes from 20% of clients.

The only problem with this rule is that it should have been implemented the other way.  The funding of the infrastructure project should have been 80% by the federal government and the rest from the cities etc. Continue reading “Who is going to fund Infrastructure Bill ?”

Finance & Economics

Equities: Way Forward

Equities around the world fell last week. I had mentioned in my earlier articles that equities especially S&P 500 are expensive based on Case-Schiller Index. Over the next few months, equity markets around the world will be very volatile. I feel more correction is set to come in. Case Schiller (CAPE ratio: Cyclically Adjusted PE ratio) calculates price earnings ratio of inflation-adjusted earnings of previous 10 years. Continue reading “Equities: Way Forward”