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Nonprofits and new age philanthropy…Dawn of an era

The nonprofit sector in the US is very fragmented. GuideStar estimates as of July 2015, more than 1.5 million nonprofits were registered with the IRS as tax-exempt, not including 6000 nonprofits not registered with IRS which are included in GuideStar database. Continue reading “Nonprofits and new age philanthropy…Dawn of an era”

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Catalytic Philanthropy…Siebel and Project Meth…

I came across this piece of information while I was reading the report on Catalytic Philanthropy by Mark R. Kramer and this article is derivative of the mentioned report. The article stunned me about the social impact brought about by Thomas Siebel whose foresight, tenacity and wisdom are instrumental in bringing about a paramount change in the lives of substance abuse in the United States especially teenagers.  It is dedicated to youth around the world especially in America, to Thomas Siebel for his wisdom and compassion for identifying the problem and launching Project Meth.  Finally, to millions of parents, friends around the world who lost someone close to them to substance abuse.  Continue reading “Catalytic Philanthropy…Siebel and Project Meth…”

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Policy Measures to Stop Legalizing Marijuana in the US: An Uncharted Territory

Series on public policy as a topic begins with this report. The purpose of this report is to share a perspective on the effect of Marijuana legalization in some states in the US. Marijuana is still categorized under Schedule A drug which includes heavy-duty drugs like Cocaine, Heroin etc.  A more detailed commentary on this at a later date. Refer to the full report under research section.  Continue reading “Policy Measures to Stop Legalizing Marijuana in the US: An Uncharted Territory”

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Coming Soon…Bicentennial Event at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

“In the bright history of this institution we joyfully read a happy augury for her future.” President James B. Angell, 1887

Top Gun (“Nish”)…brings coverage of bicentennial event at University of Michigan soon…

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Charter Schools…Denver’s Incredible Turnaround

US has many different kinds of schools ,based on the type of funding, governing regulatory structure and pedagogy. Broadly speaking schools which receive funding from local, state or federal government are under the umbrella of public school system although federal funding never exceeds 9 % of traditional funding for public schools. Charter and Innovation schools are part of public school system except that they are much more autonomous compared to traditional public schools. Charter schools work like a hybrid education institute, there are free for enrolled students wherein funding is based on per enrolled student but at the same time have a bit of autonomous jurisdiction like private schools to customize curriculum, mandate their own regulations for teacher recruitment and training etc. Charter Schools, whose success is based solely on the performance of its students, have been a mixed bag in the US, with states like New Orléans and Denver showing incredible results. Denver, an outlier, has been a feather in the cap for US K12 education system considering its magnificent turnaround story. Part of the article is from one of my papers at public policy school.  Continue reading “Charter Schools…Denver’s Incredible Turnaround”