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Most frequent questions and answers

The middle Road is a SAAS-based global thought leader platform enabling social change and education as the tenet driving its mission. The startup significantly focuses on the international development sector, finance, economics, science, technology, impact evaluation, statistics, and much more. The venture promotes and educates the audience through publications, media, and online courses blending Media and EdTech for learning purposes. Nishant Malhotra is the Sole Founder of the venture, and Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd is a one-person for-profit social impact firm.

The middle Road is a platform for facilitating communities globally to make a positive social contribution. Inspired by the United Nations Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, the venture has a broad focus on themes encompassing art, culture, and wellbeing example, fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, etc. The platform integrates knowledge through detailed publications, articles, posts, and conversations with leading enablers to educate and increase awareness of the latest social and development sectors. Podcasts, videos, and webinars are designed to build perspectives about the prevailing issues and the technical aspects of the topics covered on the platform. The startup offers consulting, advisory, and training to actors/entities within the global ecosystem. The venture aspires to become the largest one-stop platform for enabling social change and impact within the international arena.

Register on the platform, post as a guest under Insights or Global Bytes, ask forums or reply to the questions posted. Write to to understand more if you can work or collaborate on projects or partnerships.

Insights are research-focused publications that range from 1000 to 4000 words. Usually, these reports involve extensive research backed by data analysis to present the material covered. These reads can embed online educational videos explaining economic concepts discussed in the publication. Global Bytes are less extensive reads, with articles with words ranging from 300 words and more. Articles posted under Global Bytes are never more than 1000 words. For guest publications, the word limit is relaxed. Kindly refer to the Guest Guidelines to know more. Publications are long reports that can be downloaded from the website.

Subscription includes most of the content published on The middle Road platform, especially under Insights and Global Bytes. The subscription offers many online courses and videos related to the theme of the startup. Subscription offers exclusive reads on podcasts, discounts on many online courses, free access to selected webinars (when The middle Road platform undertakes them). Subscription offers free downloads and reads of elected publications that are more comprehensive in material. Subscription offers a holistic experience into knowledge and information that builds expertise in social impact areas.

These are academic courses across diverse topics – Finance, Economics, Statistics, Impact Evaluation, and much more. The course/tutorial section follows best innovative and creative practices to deliver impactful modules incorporating a unique applied learning methodology that includes educational videos backed by comprehensive research focused reads solved problems to build and articulate the concepts covered. The courses include modules with examples from the real world complemented with an application-based approach to provide skill and academic development to its audience. The courses are ideal for under and postgraduate students and working professionals who want to work in the international development sector, finance & economics. The tutorials offer a transformative experience to understand and gain expertise on concepts related to evidence-based learning.

The middle Road regularly invites leading social changemakers to discuss their work. The podcasts have two categories – Global sets a broader discussion on work experience and Detailed that are educational and focus extensively on topics especially within the sustainable development sector or to the mission of the startup. Podcasts are usually by invitation only and across many major platforms. The middle Road is an affiliate partner of the Podbean global podcast platform. The podcasts can be downloaded from multiple global directories and platforms – Podbean, Spotify, Apple, Google, Listen Notes etc.

Register through the online link.

Yes, The middle Road offers advertising services with two generous options. Check out the Gold and Platinum package. Check the advertising services page on the site.

Subscription option is given on the site. You can pay using credit card or other options for the plan.

The middle Road usually invites social change makers, global social and business leaders, academicians, subject matter experts, role models for candid and insightful conversations. If you want to be a speaker do reach out to

The middle Road offers a highly curated promotional offering to actors/entities globally whose mission and vision synergizes with the middle Road platform. Feel free to fill out the form and reach out to Nishant Malhotra, aka Nish, to take your proposal forward.

Reach out to Nishant Malhotra directly and fill the partnership form embedded in the Partner with The middle Road page.