Introduction to Impact Evaluation

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An introductory free module on Impact Evaluation. Currently, international development and businesses are increasingly employing data analysis to understand policies and product launches better. This educational series is the same as the one posted on the previous startup’s website, edited for audio clarity. The series shares an overview of Impact Evaluation better to understand some latest developments in the international development sector. This series includes added material and a quiz based on the content covered.

The series will discuss an overview of the underlying framework example, the Theory of Change, experimental and non-experimental designs used for impact evaluation. The course will look at Randomized Controlled Trials and build on concepts within the program evaluation sector. This online course is a must for people who would enroll in the online course on Regression Analysis (to be launched in the future) and the Statistics course. Modules in this course will discuss selected concepts in Statistics. Introduction to Impact Evaluation is an exclusive free online course on The middle Road.

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