Can We Price Carbon?

One of my favorite Professors from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Barry Rabe has released his new book Can We Price Carbon? A well-documented review of the book is mentioned below. This book is a great read for anyone interested in the subject. I had attended one of Barry’s course at the University, loved his demeanor and engagement with students. I will be covering this book again sometime later. I plan to publish the review of at least one new book every month going forward…

Exchange Traded Funds: Rise of Passive Investing…Series Begins

ETF also known as Exchange Traded Funds are on a meteoric rise globally. According to a report by PWC, ETF’s in the US is going to grow to $5.9 trillion by 2021, a whopping 23% cumulative annual growth compared to $1.6 trillion in Europe and $560 billion in Asia. ETF’s are passive investment products which track an index. Exchange Traded Funds are linked to different asset classes like equities and commodities. In the US, S&P 500 would be a broad equity index so an ETF linked to S&P 500 would replicate this index. Replication here means it would track the index. ETF would not outperform the underlying index i.e. S&P 500 but rather deliver similar returns. Let’s understand a few concepts here.   Continue reading

United States Of America: 4 of July, The Federalist Papers & Born In USA

US celebrates 241 years of Independence Day. 4 of July or July Fourth as popularly known in US , marks the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. To commemorate this day, recommend reading The Federalist Papers.  The Federalist Papers are set of eighty five papers written under alias Publius (Hamilton, Madison and Jay). They are one of the best commentaries on political theory and thoughts behind the US constitution. I am still reading them and suggest that its good to read them slowly taking few papers per week. The papers are deeply insightful and visionary in perspective. Hamiliton, Madison and Jay are three of the seven founding fathers of US. George Washington (First US President) , Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison. Continue reading

Poor Economics: Book of the Month

Book of the month especially for students and professionals interested in social work with emphasis on eradicating poverty: Poor Economics by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo.

Recommended by one of my Professors at Ford School, its very thought provoking with examples from around the world on projects done in eradicating poverty. Maybe a more detailed review later.

I had been to my first church in US this Easter and loved the experience. Its very close to Central Campus, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with access to WiFi and a lounge where you can read and write. I had a very good experience of meditating there and plan to visit regularly for meditation. I share my loving kindness with everyone.


Northwood, Pierpont Commons & Herd of Deer…Mama i AM home

IMG_20160820_180103528En-route back to my residential campus apartment in Northwood from Pierpont Commons,, encountered a herd of Deer. Continue reading