Ireland 60 years of United Nations Peacekeeping

Ireland has participated in over 20 peacekeeping missions and completed over 70,000 individual tours, making it the country with the longest unbroken record globally of serving United Nations Peacekeeping operations. Over the last 60 years, Ireland has been steadfast in its UN peacekeeping efforts beginning in 1958 when Ireland began its unbroken association with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO). 

It’s not clear how much has UN peacekeeping force succeeded in protecting the population of countries against genocide, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing despite the Responsibility to Protect principle agreed in 2005. Ireland is also part of the Gaming for Peace (GAP) online training platform for peacekeepers. Sadly, despite the holistic efforts by United Nations, peace has eluded many regions of the world, specially selected regions in the Middle East and Africa. The question facing the world is how best to fine-tune the model of the UN peacekeeping force for the better of humanity. The middle Road salutes Ireland for its tireless job in leading, promoting, and maintaining Global Peace. 

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