Global Capital Markets A Peek 

Global Capital Markets A Peek    The global debt market’s size stood at $296 trillion by Q3, 2021, reducing slightly after reaching an all-time high in Q2, 2021 ($296 trillion)  according to the Institute of International Finance. About $4.8 trillion of debt was added in Q2, 2021 with the global debt to GDP ratio declining significantly, a boost to an

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Fed Fund Rate Isn’t it Ironic?

Isn’t it Ironic? Taylors Rule & FED Rates — Macroeconomics  Alanis Morissette’s epic number might be the best song to hear when you decipher Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell’s recent announcement of FED’s intention to keep interest rates status quo until 2024. The Federal Reserve’s recent announcement that it will not raise federal funds rate until 2024, marking the rate

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Pandemic – Understanding Macroeconomics for Social Impact

Sun Tzu “In warfare, in keeping a nation intact is best, destroying a nation, second best” This publication outlines an understanding of macroeconomics importance and social impact of the fiscal stimulus, especially during recessions, for example, the pandemic. To understand more on macroeconomic concepts, please refer to the online macroeconomic courses on The middle Road. This research article focuses on

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OECD Global Economic Outlook

“Uncertainty now is as high as it has ever been” OECD Briefing OECD released its latest Global Economic Outlook yesterday. The economic outlook models on two scenarios; one with a single wave of COVID-19 infections and second, with a double wave of COVID-19 infections. According to OECD, this is the worst economic and health crisis since World War 2 recession; 

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