Azim Premji’s Enduring Benevolence

Azim Premji is the founder of Wipro, is known for innovation and philanthropy, recently committed to giving a significant part of his fortune to charitable causes. The total amount of $21 billion catapults him globally to an exclusive club comprising Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and some of the most influential people in philanthropy.  His generosity is monumental, refreshing, and inspiring for everyone worldwide and enhances philanthropy among entrepreneurs and high-net-worth people in India. Wipro started as a vegetable oil manufacturer, before Azim turned it into one of the best technology companies in India. Not only a visionary, Azim Premji is known for humility and simplicity. Azem Premji foundation’s critical focus is to increase equitable education in India. Azim Premji has raised the bar too high for others to emulate in India (apart from the Tata’s, who will forever remain synonymous with giving) and catalyses the burgeoning giving space in India. A lot of work needs to be done to attract $60 billion in the capital in India every year to meet UN sustainable development goals by 2030. The new-age entrepreneurs are showing a healthy appetite to fill the gap.

Every year, India meets UN sustainable development goals by 2030, and the new-age entrepreneurs show a healthy appetite to fill the gap.

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