Introduction to Standard Normal and Z Scores

Statistics from The middle Road. This module teaches about the standard normal curve, Z-scores, plot Z scores, and the normal probability percentages of Z scores. This Statistics course is ideal for people familiar with basic concepts in Statistics example, mean median, etc. The educational videos posted here are the same as before, with improved audio clarity with added material. 


There is a brief introduction on Bernoulli distribution detailing the calculation of its mean and standard deviation. This module will feature separately.

Introduction to Standard Normal 

The first educational video introduces Normal Distribution to build on Standard Normal. Introduction to Z scores will follow after the first video. Normal Distributions have a mean and a standard deviation that is symmetrical and unimodal. Standard Normal is a special type of normal distribution with a mean of zero and a standard deviation of 1. Standard Normal helps in understanding variability about the mean. Sixty-eight percent of the distribution lies within one standard deviation, (95) ninety-five within two standard deviations, and 99.7 percent within three standard deviation.


Standard Normal has a kurtosis of three and measures the heaviness of the tails. Heavies of tails showcases outliers; extreme observations. Excessive kurtosis is distributions that have kurtosis higher than three.



Refer to the link below for Z Table