Diego Maradona God Of Soccer

Maradona who led Argentina to the 1986 Soccer World Cup victory, a colossal game-changing event in the history of sports passed away at the age of 60. Widely regarded as the most gifted player in history, Maradona’s story is a real-life rag to riches story which is more surreal than a Hollywood potboiler. His two goals against England in 1986 world cup within 4 minutes enshrined him in the hall of fame. One infamous Hand of God goal (wherein he used hand for a strike, went unnoticed so unpenalized) and, the other the greatest goal of the century. His goal vs England bettered Michael Owen’s strike against Argentina in 1998 (second place) followed by Pele’s strike against Sweden in 1958.

Diego Maradona is worshipped in Argentina and many parts of the world. Once the most expensive player in the world, Maradona played for Barcelona before making Napoli his home. The middle Road ranks Diego Maradona as the greatest player in the history of soccer. As a mark of respect, videos about Maradona will be played on the site. Under his leadership, Napoli reached unheard heights including winning two Serie A Italian Championships including the first ever in Napoli’s history. Unarguably one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Maradona will remain an eternal champion enshrined in hearts of millions of fans globally. Sadly, Maradona suffered from drug and alcohol addiction which took a toll on his personal life. Coming up an extensive publication on Maradona and soccer.


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Link to Maradona’s best goals is here.


Maradona Photo by Jack Hunter on Unsplash

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