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The Mackenzie Effort


My approach to philanthropy will continue to be thoughtful,” she said. “It will take time and effort and care. But I won’t wait. And I will keep at it until the safe is empty.” Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott’s “The Mackenzie Effort” redefines the giving and philanthropy arena. Within a short time, Mackenzie Scott has changed the landscape of giving by becoming one of the greatest philanthropists of our era. An accomplished author, mother, and philanthropist, Mackenzie has donated ~4 billion in charity to 384 organizations across all U.S. 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. over the last four months. Touched by the hardships caused by the pandemic, Mackenzie published an article on Medium on the rigorous data-driven methodology underlying the framework involved in shortlisting organizations for charity. 

A graduate of Princeton University, Mackenzie’s philanthropic zeal highlights a judicious use of scientific know-how within the sustainable social sector. The team includes technical and subject matter experts for researching, analyzing, and identifying organizations for giving. In the words of Mackenzie, the nonprofit sector is underfunded. The accelerated philanthropic exuberance addresses the existing inequalities in American society quickened by the COVID-19 pandemic, “the Mackenzie effort” is an excellent step in the right direction. First, the idea to spread out the charity with “no string attached” donations to nonprofits is welcoming. The rigorous due diligence evaluating 6490 organizations that focus across various sections of society is both thoughtful and visionary. Second, the gifts have no donor conditions attached, opening leeway to organizations to make their own decisions in managing donations. Third, the humungous Mackenzie effort involves integrating actors within the development sector, primarily seasoned field experts, volunteers, donors, and nonprofit leaders. The framework involves qualitative and quantitative measures for catalyzing change within the underserved communities in the United States. The effort goes a long way in identifying companies with sustainable social models led by proven leadership teams. Finally, the team gave credence to attributes like food insecurity, racial inequalities, etc., factors that significantly impact the vulnerable sections of the society. The donations spread across the U.S., including contributions to Y.M.C.A. and Lincoln University. Mackenzie is no stranger to giving. She is part of the Giving Pledge, a philanthropic consortium that includes the 200 wealthiest individuals, couples, and families spread across 24 countries. Before her divorce from Jeff Bezos, Mackenzie had already signed a $2 billion giving pledge along with Jeff and has made a remarkable journey in philanthropy on her own. This year alone, she has donated a whopping $6 billion in charity, making her a household name within the philanthropic ecosystem. The donations are part of her pledge to give away half of her estimated ~ $36 billion wealth, which has doubled this year ). Further, she is an active crusader of many social issues, the founder and executive director of the anti-bullying group Bystander Revolution.

But her contribution has a far overarching halo effect for driving insightful practices for setting up a well-defined paradigm for generations to follow. The Mackenzie Effort is leading the way to be mindful of giving fostering data-driven models enabling social change and impact within the global ecosystem. Her effort has shown the humane aspect of the pandemic, a collective way of channeling social good integrating multiple actors leveraging technology, knowledge, and kickass reflective practices for enabling a lasting change. 

“A small gesture at the right time, is worth a long rhyme” Nishant Malhotra

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