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The Yidan Prize –Creating a better future through education

The Yidan Prize –Creating a better future through education……………….A top gun inclusive education initiative  

Yidan Prize is a flagship inclusive education award for enabling sustainable social change and impact with an eye on catalyzing social change and impact within the global education ecosystem. The award focuses on inclusive growth to enable sustainable development goal 4 i.e. inclusive education within the global arena. The award is fast becoming the Platinum Standard within the education sector and stands on four pillars as its guiding philosophy: Future Orientation, Innovation or Inventiveness, Transformation or long run transformative ability, and Sustainable Impact.

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# The Yidan Prize & Inclusive Education 

Yidan prize tapers into two segments: Education Research & Education Development with an underlying emphasis on the future potential of the project/s and social impact. Started in 2016 by Dr. Charles Chen Yidan, one of the core founders of the tech and internet breakout giant Tencent, known for revolutionizing the way we communicate (WeChat fame, best described as The middle Road between What’s App and Facebook), The Yidan Prize holistic underpinning lies in the causality between inclusive education and wellbeing. Equitable education leads to the increased scope of livelihood especially among the less privileged people leading to harmony and social good for all.


The Yidan Prize award is a gamechanger and a thought leader in inculcating best business and sustainable practices by rewarding its winners through both cash prize and collaborative model of mentoring projects through funds. The prize includes a gold medal along with a sum of HK$30M/ $3.9M, a half paid out in cash and a half through project funds to expand on initiatives aligned with learning development. At present, nine laureates have won the high acclaimed and sought after award. To foster, facilitate and disrupt social good, a vibrant educational ecosystem is critical. A tenable educational hub focuses on visionary practices enhanced by inventiveness both in research and development. Imbibing these attributes, the Yidan award is a huge step forward for humanity in encouraging inclusive educators to be bold yet measured in structuring a paradigm shift for an inclusive pedagogical approach. Quality and just education is a transformative process not only imparting key skillsets for livelihood but also defining mindset for the better catapulting wellbeing and prosperity within the world.

The award process is a well-rounded initiative encompassing all actors within the knowledge ecosystem to be part of the process. Yidan Prize is a trailblazer in developing a community of business and social leaders for tomorrow; leaders who want to change the landscape by proliferating equitable knowledge among the masses with a renewed vigor for the less privileged section of the society. The middle Road highly recommends actors within the sustainable learning development sector to apply for the coveted honor.

Ending in the words of great Confucius “Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his life.”

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