Venus farts life on Earth

The scientific community stunned the world when they detected possible fingerprints of life on planet Venus.

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The presence of a biosignature Phosphine (PH3) gas, an obnoxious chemical found in farts and feces, signals the origins of pathways to life. Venus, named after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty and the second brightest natural object after the moon at night, is certainly not proud to be associated with Phosphine. This molecule can be harmful to humans in large quantities. Traces of PH3  are associated with the anthropogenic activity or microbial presence, a strong indication of some form of life on the planet. Phosphine (PH3), also called hydrogen phosphide, is a colorless, flammable, extremely toxic gas that smells like fish or garlic. Structurally similar to ammonia, the molecule made of phosphorous and three hydrogen atoms is challenging to create inorganically as it is highly unstable. The formation of Phosphine which is found in large numbers, strongly suggests either presence of some primitive anaerobic organisms or a process of formation hitherto unknown to humans.

Although the aspect of life will be hotly debated, researchers at MIT are confident that the presence of large quantities of Phosphine in the nearby rocky planet indeed suggests the presence of extraterritorial life. MIT researchers ran simulation tests with hydrogen and carbon dioxide-rich atmospheres under oxygen-deficient conditions to map the light spectrum for associated phosphine production. Whether the presence of PH3 on Venus is a harbinger of life or a discovery of a new radical process in manufacturing the toxic gas, it does imply that farts on Venus do stink. The discovery opens the door for Hollywood and other movie studios to focus on new storylines with Venus as the final destination. To end on a lighter note, Americans and Chinese must be revisiting their trip to Mars. 


Image by SIMON LEE on Unsplash
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