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Introduction to The middle Road Kusum Social Impact Award

The middle Road warmly welcomes nominations from diverse individuals and entities worldwide for this prestigious award. The goal is to cast a wide net, ensuring that this recognition reflects the global tapestry of individuals and initiatives making a difference. Anyone can apply for this award if they can showcase how their work is enabling social change and impact within society. While I prefer applicants from the international development sector, this award provides an excellent opportunity to articulate the importance of your work and why you deserve to be a winner. The middle Road will award a nominal amount total of $100 to the winner/s. In the case of multiple winners, the prize money (likely transfer through PayPal for international winner/s) will be divided equally among them. The winner/s will be interviewed and featured in videos and podcasts, which will be shared globally through my startup’s social media channels, community groups, and newsletter. This offers a fantastic opportunity for global outreach, as the podcasts are uploaded on platforms like Spotify, Apple, Google, etc. My startup has various social media followers in excess of 2400.

Center for Theory of Change proudly serves as the sponsor of the Kusum Social Impact Awards.



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While I appreciate the contributions of experienced professionals in the global development sector, it’s important to note that this award is inclusive and open to all fields and professions. The middle Road enthusiastically encourages nominations from various sectors, including corporate, entrepreneurial, and humanitarian realms. I wholeheartedly invite artists representing various themes to apply, recognizing that art, culture, and well-being are at the core of our startup’s ethos. Nominees have the opportunity to showcase how their work catalyzes social change and has a universal impact. This can manifest through efforts to uplift underprivileged segments of society or by contributing to humanitarian causes. Individuals who breathe life into the world of creativity are equally encouraged to participate. To apply for the award, please use the link mention in the read.

Apply through the link here

As of now the last date for application is 15 January 2023

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed to determine the final winner/s for this award. Thank you once again for watching this video, and I urge you to apply and become part of a community dedicated to enhancing society’s well-being.


Note: This read was edited and more information added after the initial post.