Episode 28 : Theory of Change Certification Course

The middle Road is proud to feature and showcase the Theory of Change Certification Course on the thought leader platform. This is a highly curated feature designed to promote the work of selected actors within the global social impact arena whose work lies within the mission of The middle Road. Nishant Malhotra, Sole Founder & CEO of the venture, reached out to Dr. Helene Clark to highlight the Theory of Change certification course offered by her nonprofit Center For Theory of Change. Read on the interview here


Dr. Helene Clark is the Founder and Director of ActKnowledge, and the Board Chair of The Center for Theory of Change, a global thought leader in enabling social change and impact within the social impact sector. ActKnowledge is a social enterprise that connects social change practice with rigorous study of how and why initiatives work. ActKnowledge, is the founder of Center For Theory of Change, a nonprofit focusing on outcome-driven intervention-based strategic framework tool called Theory of Change (ToC). Dr. Helene Clark also appeared for a podcast on her work on the story behind the evolution of the Theory of Change framework discussing at length key concepts that define the program. Read and watch the YouTube video on The middle Road

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