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ATM: Positive Disruption

Recently, I read a Capgemini report which mentioned how the proliferation of technology helped generate jobs. ATM cards at one point of time where disrupters in the banking industry. There was a fear that they would take away jobs from tellers. However, opposite happened. As ATM usage became ubiquitous, tellers in banks were more productive in other aspects of service. Increased familiarity with the usage of ATM led to fewer footfalls in the bank of customers who only came to withdraw or deposit cash. It helped the bank to allocate resources more efficiently. In turn, not only tellers but other employees at the bank become more resourceful and hence more productive. The marginal productivity of the employees increased which helped bank branches to become more profitable through a more focused approach to discuss clients needs. This could be emphasis on personal investment products,  better customer relationship management etc. This led banks to open more branches which resulted in the increased employment of tellers and other service representatives. It very difficult to envision effect of the emergence of disruptive technology over the short-term without looking at potential consequences over the long-term.  One of the themes dedicated on this blog would be technology…

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Spotify It

Spotify is what Google is to search engine. Spotify is a Swedish company which rocked the world with its innovative music model. It has more songs on its cloud network than any other company in the world. Supposedly Netflix of songs, Spotify’s business model has a very strong brand recognition in Europe and in the US. Thanks to Spotify I listen to soft rock and country songs freely over the net. Needs a much bigger article sometime later…Want to listen to a  song…Spotify It…

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Great Schools: One for American Parents funded by the Gates Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, and the Robertson Foundation provides school information and parenting resources to help millions of American families choose the right school, support learning at home, and guide their children to great futures.  Continue reading “Great Schools: One for American Parents”

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AI: Robo Advisors

For those who have seen Matrix and Space Odyssey 2000, understand the disruptive power of AI. Artificial Intelligence might not be truly disruptive in the way it’s portrayed in the movies. Disruptive Power is the ability of a new technology to change the pattern of consumer behavior. The introduction of Smart Phones led to the disruptive technology in mobiles. Before smartphones, the primary purpose of mobiles was to talk with people but with Smart Phones, the slogan changed to…and you can also use it for talking. Smart Phones refined the way we interacted with others through social platforms or the consumer buying power. Apps were the catalyst through which consumers leveraged technology for their gratification. Continue reading “AI: Robo Advisors”