Global Capital Markets A Peek 

Global Capital Markets A Peek 


The global debt market’s size stood at $296 trillion by Q3, 2021, reducing slightly after reaching an all-time high in Q2, 2021 ($296 trillion)  according to the Institute of International Finance. About $4.8 trillion of debt was added in Q2, 2021 with the global debt to GDP ratio declining significantly, a boost to an already leveraged economyThe Global Bond Market remains the largest asset class in 2020 with global bond outstanding value at ~ $123.5 trillion compared to Global Equity Market Capitalization at $105.8 trillion based on the data shared by SIFMA. 2021 Capital Markets Fact Book by SIFMA estimates last year, the global equities issuance decreased by 52.9 percent to $826.8 billion compared to the global long-term bond issuance, which increased by 19.9 percent to $27.3 trillion.  

Fig break up of US fixed income securities


The US capital markets remain the largest in the world both in equity and debt capital markets. US fixed income markets stood at 38.3 percent of the $123.5 trillion securities outstanding across the globe and 38.5 percent of the $105.8 trillion equity markets. In 2020, the Treasury and MBS were the largest issuers of outstanding fixed income securities in the US. 

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