Nishant Malhotra Founder of Middle Road OPC Pvt Ltd & The middle Road platform talks about the startup

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Today there are over 4000 variants of COVID-19 and based on the report by ONE, a global movement of champions who want to end extreme poverty and preventable diseases by 2030, vaccine hoarding by high-income countries prevents 60% of the global population from having access to a vaccine jab until 2022 and later. Unequal distribution of novel coronavirus vaccines between high-income and other countries will lead to a reduction of total income created within the global economy including high-income countries with a loss of $1.2 trillion per year based on RAND analysis.

To promote the severity of the situation, ONE has come out with a creatively designed animated series Pandemica that includes voiceovers from the legendary Bono of U2 fame. Bono is rated an enabler by The middle Road for his work in the music industry, philanthropy and activism. RED is a sister organization of ONE, founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to end AIDS. A handful of high-income countries have more than one billion vaccines leftover after inoculating their population, and yet less than 1% of vaccine doses are administered to people from low-income countries, a statistic resentful to say the least. ONE is advocating governments to share excess doses of the vaccine with marginalized countries through petition. The middle Road vehemently supports the initiative and urges global enablers to sign the petition. It’s time we take civic power to fine-tune policy missteps that have a widespread ramification of loss of human lives.

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