The Innovative Finance Revolution: Private Capital for the Public Good

The Innovative Finance Revolution (Foreign Affairs Special Edition) is one of the best reports on innovation in social finance.

Social Finance evolved over the years. With philanthropy and corporate social responsibility growing through evidence-based social impact, attracting private capital is imperative for sustainable work in the social sector. The report Foreign Affairs The Innovative Finance Revolution by Saadia Madsbjerg and Georgia Keohane is a must-read to understand recent innovation within the global development sector.  

A comprehensive report, the publication covers different projects and modes of financing used by various foundations, multilateral organizations, and nonprofits to implement sustainable social projects in emerging and poor economies or sustainable infrastructure projects in the Americas. From social impact bonds green bonds to vaccine immunization bonds, the report chronicles articles by leading experts and practitioners in developmental finance. UN estimates $50 to $70 trillion of capital to implement Sustainable Development Goals over the next 25 years, a considerable task by attracting private capital. Rockefeller Foundation is the world’s leading foundation and a bellwether innovating impact capital in philanthropy. To achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals, a gap of approx. Zero Gap is a collection of thought-provoking ideas to implement the holistic vision of sustainable development goals to eradicate social and economic inequity for universal well-being.

The report is a must-read and can be downloaded through the link here


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