Wonder of Aravind Eyecare System: Thing of Consciousness

Aravind Eye-care System, based in Madurai, is the world’s largest ophthalmologist provider globally, with more than 350,000 eye operations a year. About 60 percent of operations are low-cost or no cost, making it one of the best examples of social impact at the lower end of the pyramid.


Dr. Govindappa Venkaswamy, lovingly known as Dr. V, founder of Aravind eye hospital, was a superlative humanitarian and a great visionary and thought-provoking leader. Dr. V employed the best use of optimization techniques, technology & innovation, dedicated staff, and structured ways to cross-subsidy eye care among the patients. Aravind Eye Care System has won the Gates Award for Global Health and the Hilton Humanitarian Award. The article “Driving Down the cost of high-quality care” by McKinsey is worth reading to know the hospital’s business model and holistic foundation. 


Note: First published under Insights, the read is posted with edits under Global Bytes.  

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