Episode 21: NGO Sadoqat Enabling Tajikistan

Recently, Nishant Malhotra had a candid discussion with Muhiddin Tojiev from NGO Sadoqat on how the nonprofit is enabling social change and impact within the Tajikistan ecosystem. A fascinating conversation, the discussion focuses on certain global development issues governing the country.

NGO Sadoqat, is a nonprofit and non-commercial organization established in 2000 and officially registered with the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan. Sadoqat is committed to improving rural lives through thoughtful partnerships and sustainable practice. The organization implemented about 25 projects in various fields, including but not limited to women and youth empowerment, reproductive health, healthy lifestyle among the youth, prevention of STDs, support of persons with disabilities, English skills improvement, and education and healthcare infrastructure with the support of various donor institutions during 20 years of its operation. Currently, the NGO has been raising funds through the Global Giving Crowdfunding Platform to implement projects on the improvement of the rural population’s access to quality healthcare and education services.

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