Theory of Change Certification Course 

Theory of Change Certification Course 

Dr Helene Clark talking about the Theory of Change certification course offered by her non profit


The middle Road is proud to feature and showcase the Theory of Change Certification Course on the thought leader platform. This is a highly curated feature designed to promote the work of selected actors within the global social impact arena whose work lies within the mission of The middle Road. Nishant Malhotra, Sole Founder & CEO of the venture, reached out to Dr. Helene Clark to highlight the Theory of Change certification course offered by her nonprofit Center For Theory of ChangeDr. Helene Clark is the Founder and Director of ActKnowledge, and the Board Chair of The Center for Theory of Change, a global thought leader in enabling social change and impact within the social impact sector. ActKnowledge is a social enterprise that connects social change practice with rigorous study of how and why initiatives work. ActKnowledge, is the founder of Center For Theory of Change, a nonprofit focusing on outcome-driven intervention-based strategic framework tool called Theory of Change (ToC). Dr. Helene Clark also appeared for a podcast on her work on the story behind the evolution of the Theory of Change framework discussing at length key concepts that define the program. The podcast can be downloaded and heard here

Above Dr Helene Clark talking about the Theory of Change certification course offered by her non profit | The middle Road

# More about the Certification Course

The certification course offers four basic modules with options to take electives for advanced learners. The basic modules are mandatory with the flexibility to select at least four electives out of a wide range of twelve electives. The advanced topics range from those related to international development, social policy, and advocacy to understanding the difference between Theory of Change and logic framework. Popular electives example differences between the theory of change, logic model, log frames, and result’s frame lay down a sound foundation for understanding and implementing concepts to enable effective interventions for delivering outcomes. The course gives a personalized experience with participants assigned a mentor to walk the candidate through graded quizzes and exercises for more nuanced feedback on the performance. To certify the candidate must complete eight modules to build competency in the theory of change program logic. The framework is fast becoming an essential ingredient within the international development sector.  All development projects must include the Theory of Change framework in the European Union, and a must for projects with USAID.


The courses leverage technology, giving people the flexibility and ease to learn from anywhere in the world. There are two fee structures for the course – $2000 for a comprehensive and in-depth experience that includes a certificate on successful completion of the course with an option to showcase your expertise on the Center for Theory of Change website or $1000 that provides for completion of four basic courses. The rigor of the Theory of Change course facilitates competency among the participants through applied learning for delivering measurable impact within the social and development sector using a popular strategic methodology that works across any industry, geography, or theme. The Center for Theory of Change board is well rounded, international with deep expertise to fine-tune modules for a pointed learning experience. San Diego State University backs the degree certificate making it more academic. Dr. Helene Clark was also a professor at the institute, making the certification unique, updated based on current social trends, and prestigious for practitioners working or people looking for careers within the global development sector. The university endorsement helps to augment the credibility of the training.


Full Interview Nishant Malhotra chats with Dr Helene Clark about the Theory of Change Certification Course | The middle Road

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The importance of the theory of change outcome-driven foundation is much more than its use within the social sector. Today, public and private for-profit organizations are using the change philosophy to achieve long-term outcomes within the fringes of social impact. Achieve results by synergizing the mission for a more socially optimal development or through corporate social responsibility projects that build on the company’s mission and vision for a better tomorrow. As the evidence-based need arises among all actors within the global arena, the backward mapping of short- and medium-term interventions to achieve the desired outcome through a series of casual interlinked outputs fortifies the importance of the Theory of Change course. It’s time to take the step forward; enrol in the Theory of Change Certification Course.


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