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Macroeconomics For Social Impact — An Online Learning Bazooka 

The first video on the Macroeconomics series introduces fundamental concepts in economics. (This is revised from the original tutorial and read posted on The middle Road). Macroeconomics forms the backbone of our economy and is a significant enabler for understanding the underpinnings of social impact. The global development sector is prone to economic cycles; development economics is an essential pillar for understanding policies and interventions for alleviating poverty, driving equitable education, sustainability, and much more. This course’s two crucial reference books are Macroeconomics by M Gregory Mankiw and Macroeconomics Policy & Practice by Mishkin. One must refer to a good textbook while referring to this course. The educational series designed and taught by Nishant Malhotra is structured for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The online course benefits CFA, other prestigious certifications, and working professionals who want to know more about Macroeconomics. This series would include some modules posted from the original series on the previous The middle Road website.

The series will include modules on GDP, Introduce Concept of National and Public Savings, Production Function, Marginal Product of Labor and Capital, Introduction to Short Run, Long Run, Money, Inflation & Interest Rates, and Small Economy. These would be the same modules (additions would be mentioned) posted over time.

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This macroeconomic series will share an overview on the following topics. To gain more on an evidence-based approach, refer to the online courses under Statistics and Impact Evaluation.

Clarity on the impact of Macroeconomics: 

The concept of supply and demand both in the short run and long run  
  • Understand Demand and Supply Equilibrium through Airline Example 
  • The behavior of Economy over Long Run Vs. Short Run 
  • Understanding of fiscal policy influences and monetary stabilization policies 
  • Social costs of inflation; Implication of development economics, policies, evidence-based framework at a macro level 
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